Many people believe that the safest cities in Michigan are located in the Upper Peninsula, but there's actually a city in Metro Detroit that holds the title for being the safest in the entire state.

Safewise recently conducted a study to identify the safest cities across Michigan. They analyzed violent and property crime rates over the past three years and created a ranking of the top 50 safest cities.

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Interestingly (and surprisingly), the number one safest city on the list is located in Oakland County, though technically, it's a township.

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Where is the Safest Place to Live in Michigan?

According to the study, with a population of 6,603, Addison Township is the safest place to live in all of Michigan. Addison Township is located just north of Lakeville between M-24 and M-53 in Oakland County.

  • 2022 Violent Crime Rate: 0.3
  • 2022 Property Crime Rate: 2.4
  • Median Income: $95,211
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Google Maps

What is the Second Safest Place to Live in Michigan?

Right behind Addison Township, claiming the second spot on the list, is Kinross (also a township), with a population of 7,226. Kinross is located right of 75 in Chippewa County. It's about a 50-minute drive from the Mackinac Bridge.

  • 2022 Violent Crime Rate: 1.2
  • 2022 Property Crime Rate: 0.8
  • Median Income: $49,952
Google Maps
Google Maps

Though Michigan doesn't crack the top 10 list of safest states in the U.S., it still holds a reputation as a safe place to call home.

Check and see if your city made it into the top 15 safest cities listed below.

The 15 Safest Places to Live in Michigan

According to Safewise, these are the 15 safest places to live in Michigan.

Take a Peek Inside Eminem's Oakland County Mansion

At one time, this mansion was known as the Kmart Mansion because it was owned by the CEO of Kmart before it was purchased by Eminem in 2003. The rapper lived in this house in Oakland County as recently as 2017 and has since purchased another beautiful home in Clinton Township.

The furniture inside the 17,500 sq. foot crib isn't Eminem's, but the outside pictures are reported to be older photos, so yes, we are led to believe the cars did belong to Mr. Mathers.

Medieval Castle in Oakland County

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