The Saginaw Area Fireworks committee has taken to the internet to raise money for this years display. In an effort to switch to silent fireworks, the committee has started crowd funding and the animal rights group PETA has jumped in to help. 

The silent display will still be stunning to the eye, but won't have the big explosions that scare animals and give trouble to soldiers with PTSD. PETA has offered to contribute $5,000 to support the switch.

PETA President Ingrid Newkirk stated...

"By offering sensational but silent fireworks, Saginaw can prevent dogs, cats, wildlife, and humans suffering from PTSD from being bombarded by loud noises... PETA stands ready to help the city put on the first major U.S. Fourth of July display that delivers all the flash without the frightening noise."

Source: WNEM TV 5