Michigan has seen some big winners this year in the lottery.

I really need to start playing the lottery more. Seems like every day I see Tony LaBrie with a new winning scratch-off ticket and I never remember to get any. Occasionally I'll remember to get a Megamillions or Powerball, but that is about it aside from some Keno.

Just recently, a lucky woman in Saginaw purchased a $200,000,000 Riches instant game scratch-off ticket from the Michigan Lottery and won big. This player bought a ticket from Singh's Market on Shattuck Road in Saginaw and walked away with a huge winner. The ticket she picked out ended up adding $4 million to her bank account.

Why can't I get that lucky???

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The lucky, 62-year-old from Saginaw decided to take the lump sum payment which worked out to be a $2.5 million take home. She plans to buy a new home and do some investing with her winnings.

I have spent way too much time in my life trying to figure out what I would do if I won big. I know who the first three people I would call are and what order I'd call them in and then I would want to disappear. As with most people, I would take care of my family and most definitely take my parents on the best vacation they could imagine. After that, I'm pretty sure I would buy a house, a souped-up Jeep, and invest in some sort of business. I would also find one ridiculous item I could never afford and buy it just because.

Source: ABC 12

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