So last week I posted about a new Facebook group called 'Crap I Cooked In Quarantine'. The page, which started in Flushing, is basically pictures of what people around the world are eating at home, while under quarantine.

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Along with home cooked meals, people are ordering carry out, and sharing those pics too. Last night I saw my friend Riley had posted a picture of a pizza she made at home, from a pizza kit she picked up at Sam's Italian Restaurant in Swartz Creek. It looked awesome, and bonus - it is super affordable.

You can pick up a Sam's pizza kit for only $10 dollars. The kit includes dough, pizza sauce, cheese, and pepperoni (see pic below). Additional items can be added for a few bucks more. I am totally cool with the way it comes. You can even add your own items at home too.

Shout out to the crew at Sam's for this awesome offer. I will be stopping for one on my way home tonight. Tomorrow I will tell you about a great deal the Corner Bar & Grill is serving up for Taco Tuesday.