I am not a fan of candles for two reasons. There are actually more than two reasons, but the top reasons are I am afraid I will forget to blow them out and burn my house down and the smells. I am super sensitive to different smells - I am talking instant headache. That being said - I could possibly be down with a KFC gravy scented candle.

Why is this particular smell okay with me? Because it is not some random flower, cinnamon, lemon, cucumber melon or heavy oak scent. Isn't that what most candles are? Even typing those scents makes me nauseous.

I am not even a fan of the food at KFC, but I think it smells so good. You know what I am talking about, even getting out of your car in a KFC parking lot you can smell that chicken gravy goodness. Now that I have piqued your interest in the KFC gravy scented candle, I have some good and bad news. Unfortunately, the finger-lickin' good smelling candle is only available in the UK - BUT you can win one by entering here.

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