Everyone is entitled to their own opninion, and I am curious about yours.

A KFC commerical in Australia was recently pulled from airing, after countless people accused the ad of being sexist. As you will/can see in the 15 second spot above, a woman is checking herself out in a car window, when the window is rolled down from inside - revealing two boys ogling her. There is also a woman in the vehicle (I assume a mother to one of them, if not both), who is less than impressed with the whole scene, to say the least.

With the Big Game coming up on Sunday, February 2nd - I wonder what kind of commercials we will be watching here in the USA? Do you think things are getting to tame and lame? Or is this a step in the right direction?

One thing I am clear on, sex no longer sells Zinger Popcorn Boxes down under, KFC did apologize to anyone who was offended by the commercial after pulling it. 

Hey, do you think maybe KFC did this ad on purpose? Perhaps knowing it would rub people the wrong way? If so, well played Colonel - well played.




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