So much for perfect landing. A paraglider did not get a warm welcome when he touched the ground in Australia. Jonathon Bishop was greeted by a kangaroo that came at him swinging.

Jonathon said he was concentrating on landing, and did not notice the two kangaroos coming toward him. Once he did notice he said 'What's up Skip' to one of them. That friendly greeting did not fly with the kangaroo as you will see in the video above. The kangaroo charges at him twice before hopping away.

I would have freaked the hell out. You may call a kangaroo cute, not me. They are killing hopping machines. Okay, that may be a little extreme, but I think kangaroos look scary. Their hands freak me out. I blame this video. Until now, I never thought about kangaroo hands. I don't have to worry about being attacked, the closest I will ever get to Australia is an Outback Steakhouse. G'day mate.


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