Australian Cops Not Happy About Picnic Table Posse [VIDEO]
In the Flint area it is not uncommon to see people on bikes, people  pushing shopping carts or riding a lawn mower for transportation. However, I have yet to see anyone riding a picnic table around here. Not the case in Australia. Police are on the look out for the 'picnic table posse'…
Police Tweet Stoner’s To-Do List [PICTURE]
Australian police came across an interesting to-do list while searching a home. The Murdoch Police found this stoner's to-do list so funny, they actually tweeted it with the caption, "Are ur Saturdays hectic like this!!! To do list located at search warrant in Cooby."
Two-Years Old Skateboarder is a Natural Pro [VIDEO]
At two-year-olds most kids are just learning how to not crap themselves, but like his American counterpart Trick Shot Titus, this one is already excelling at his chosen sport; Skateboarding. Kahlei Stone-Kelly, is a 2-year-old boy from Victoria, Australia, and is probably the world's youngest s…
Another Terrible Commercial
I have no idea who or what advertising agency came up with this commercial idea. It's so bad it is funny. I am not sure what the hell a 'Souvlaki' is, but it must be damn good if the gorilla in the ad learned to play guitar to get one!

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