Earlier this week, Sevendust unveiled the details behind the expanded deluxe edition of their 13th album, Blood & Stone, which was released last year. Among the five previously unheard tracks that are tacked on to the original release are the new singles "All I Really Know" and "What You Are," both of which can be heard at the bottom of the page.

Three never-before-released remixes round out the five extra goodies present on the expanded version of the record, but two brand new songs are undoubtedly the biggest highlight here. Color and shade have always played a heavy hand in Sevendust's music, which ranges from thunderously heavy and angsty to soothing and cathartic.

Both "All I Really Know" and "What You Are" have a foreboding mood and discordant bridge sections, but Lajon Witherspoon's buttery voice is the light that prevails amid the darkness.

To listen to a remixed version of "What You've Become" courtesy of ex-Ice Nine Kills musician Justin deBlieck, head here.

The expanded deluxe edition of Blood & Stone is out now and you can get your copy at this location.

Sevendust, "All I Really Know" Lyrics

I'm breaking down
Losing for sure
I'm blacking out
Unto whatever holds me
I'd like to show
How it all gets so hopeless
In my mind
Darkness will last forever

Stealing time
Still too close to me yeah
All I know
All this time is pulled away

So far down
I've got no place to go
Fear it comes
It's all I really know

I'm further now
Then ever before
I'm checking out
Into the darkness always
I'd love to know
How I could feel so inside
Out of time
Lost in the black forever

I can't make it stop
I cant take forever

Stealing time
Still too close to me yeah
All I know
All this time is pulled away
All I know
Still too close to me yeah
Still I see
Too much pressure here today

Sevendust, "What You Are" Lyrics

And now for something to see
Watch them gather around
We are the hole that we made
Watch the world burn down

Say what you want, what you want
Give it back to you
What you say, what you feel
Give it back and you wanna be the drug that kills
So say what you are, what you are

I am the one that you need
I’m the voice that you found
We all pretend to be free
While the world burns down
Watch the world burns down

Sevendust, "All I Really Know"

Sevendust, "What You Are"

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