Over the past week, the attention of the nation has been on the GOP, as they held the Republican Convention and officially nominated Mitt Romney as their candidate.  My attention was on all the hot conservative chicks that could get it.  Check out my top 5 of hot right wingers.

First of all, just to let everyone know, I don't care about politics and I REALLY don't care about what you think about politics.  Secondly, to be considered for this list, women need to be active in politics, as a commentator or as a politician.  Celebrities don't count. Finally,  Democratic chicks are going to get their time in the sun next week, so don't get all "FAIR AND BALANCED" on me.

Number Five: Megyn Kelly - Fox News

Megyn Kelly is an anchor for America's Newsroom, the afternoon show for Fox News.  There are a bunch of blondes at the network, but she is definitely at the top of the group.  Look at those legs!

Number Four: Kristi Noem - Congresswoman from South Dakota

Kristi Noem is a hot ass 41-year-old from South Dakota, a state which I know absolutely nothing about.  Noem works closely with The Tea Party and totally has a MILF vibe going on.

Number Three: Kimberly Guilfoyle - Fox News

Kimberly Guilfoyle is a host of The Five on Fox News and prior to that, her job titles included both Criminal Prosecutor and Victoria's Secret model.

Number Two: S.E. Cupp - Conservative Columnist

The S.E. stands for Sarah Elizabeth, which is kind of stupid, but still, this chick is pretty damn hot. She's got an awesome rack and always seems to be wearing glasses, which totally does it for me.  She's a conservative columnist and hosts afternoons on MSNBC.

Number One: Sarah Palin - Politician

Really, who else were you expecting?  Regardless what you think of her politics, you've gotta admit you want to know what she looks like naked.  Palin is exactly what I have in mind when I think MILF and even though she may seem proper, I'm more than willing to be she loves rough sex.