Flint residents are extremely happy today as Mayor Karen Weaver has announced some really good news. Shady Acres which has been a huge eyesore in Flint for years is finally being demolished. Well, it's about freaking time!

According to NBC25, Flint Mayor Karen Weaver has announced a collaboration with the Genesee County Land Bank and County Treasurer Deb Cherry in order to level what is left of the park. The demolition project will cost about $378,000.

This place became a huge dumping ground since 2015 after families were forced out due to the owner not paying bills.

Last year residents took it upon themselves to try and clean up what they could after being sick and tired of waiting for the city to do something about it.

Shady Acres has 196 lots and is located off Western road.

This project is way overdue but at least it's finally going to be demolished and cleaned up.