There is such a thing as easy money. If you have Christmas lights draped all over your house, outside or inside - you could win $500 dollars courtesy of Dort Financial Credit Union.

It gets even better, I don't care if your house looks like Clark Griswold's house in the National Lampoons Christmas Vacation movie, or you have just one freaking strand of lights up - the drawing for the money is totally random. How cool is that? I told you it was easy money.

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You still have time to hang up some Christmas lights, and get in the running for the cash. The deadline to submit your picture is Sunday, December 13th by midnight. You can submit your photo online here, or through the Banana 101.5 app.

To say times are tough right now is an understatement. This extra $500, especially during the holiday would come in more than handy. Feel free to pass this contest information along to anyone you know who already has their house all decked out in lights, or someone that could use the money and will hang up lights ASAP. Like I said, we are not looking for perfection, we are just trying to spread some holiday cheer throughout Genesee County.

If I could enter this contest, I totally would. As for now, it looks like the only thing getting 'lit up' at my house is me. Ho, Ho, Ho - Merry Christmas.

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