Proof that everything can be found on the internet.

First of all, you may be wondering how I found this video. I was actually just searching YouTube for a tequila/pumpkin themed drink. As you can see I fell down a pumpkin-hole and ended up finding a 'how to video on carving a sex pumpkin'.

With the title of the video alone, it was easy to figure out one of the pumpkins would have some sort of hole carved into it (duh). However, the addition of the gourd to the other pumpkin was a total surprise.

Chris Monroe and I are still planning on carving pumpkins this year. I can't wait to watch Chris carve. If he makes a sex pumpkin I will die! As for me finding a tequila/pumpkin drink, I never did. I guess I will just stick to straight tequila, I definitely do not need a how to video for that!

Happy carving!


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