Okay who are we kidding?  Does anyone really recognize anybody on Skating With The Stars?

 Here are three names from this season of Skating With The Stars

  1. Lauriann Gibson
  2. Brandon Mychal Smith
  3. Rebecca Budig

Anyone  recognize the clowns?  (Cricket-cricket)  Do you know what they did to become famous?  Me either.  The only cast member that I recognize is Vince Neil and I am embarrassed for him.  Really Vince?  Really?  Skating?

The networks seem to be confused when it comes to "stars"  Geroge Clooney is a STAR, Julia Roberts is a STAR.  Love them or hate them they are STARS.  Not Bethany Frankel.  WTF?  Who comes up with these people?   Let's call the show what it is; "People Who Want To Be Famous Who Can't Skate, On Skates".