In December, the Sloan Museum closed to do some renovations, expansion, and to re-brand the museum. The newly expanded Sloan Museum of Discovery is slated to be finished in late 2021.

The idea for the new museum is to focus on discovering science, history, and more. The new plans will include exhibits that will be interactive, immersive, and hands-on in both the history and science fields. These exhibits will include the Flint History Gallery, Vehicle City Gallery, and Early Childhood Gallery.

Currently, the museum located at the Flint Cultural Center is closed during the renovation process. However, they have set up shop in the Courtland Center Mall for their temporary location.

Flint has come a long way over the years and doesn't look like it will stop the improvements any time soon. From The Capitol Theatre to the numerous bars and restaurants downtown and the improvements to the Flint Cultural Center. I can't wait to see what it will all look like in 2021.

Source: ABC 12

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