A new exhibit from Sloan Museum is set to open tomorrow.

Get ready to take the family to a new immersive exhibit right here in Flint. Starting tomorrow, Saturday, May 15th, 2021, Sloan Museum's "Above and Beyond" exhibit will be open to the public. This new immersive exhibit will be available to check out all the way until September 5th, 2021.

What is the "Above and Beyond" immersive exhibit?

According to Sloan Museum, the "Above and Beyond" exhibit is a...

...aerospace exhibition with immersive simulations, interactive design challenges, iconic historical touchstones, visionary concepts for the future, and inspiring stories from game-changing innovators, past and present.

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What can my family do at the "Above and Beyond" exhibit?

Some of the activities that your family can participate in are:

  • Designing and test flying your own supersonic jet.
  • Measure nature's fury by piloting a drone into the eye of a hurricane.
  • Experience flight as a bird or a futuristic wing-flapping aircraft.
  • Take an elevator ride to the edge of space.

The new exhibit also features:

  • Fun, interactive challenges
  • Vehicle concepts and prototypes
  • Media presentations, and more.

Where is the new "Above and Beyond" exhibit located?

Sloan Museum's "Above and Beyond" exhibit is inside Courtland Center. To find it, just use the mall entrance right next to El Cozumel Mexican Grill.

When is the exhibit open?

Capacity is limited so be sure to reserve your tickets for one of the following ticket times.

  • Wednesdays from noon until 2 pm and 3 pm until 5 pm
  • Thursdays from noon until 2 pm and 3 pm until 5 pm
  • Fridays from noon until 2 pm and 3 pm until 5 pm
  • Saturdays from 9am until 11 am, noon until 2 pm, and 3 pm until 5 pm
  • Sundays from noon until 2 pm and 3 pm until 5 pm

How much are tickets to "Above and Beyond?"

Tickets are $9 for adults, $8 for seniors 60+, and $7 for youth ages 2-11. Genesee County residents receive free general admission and discounted traveling exhibit admission at $3 per person. If you want to take the family to check it our, reserve your tickets here.

Source: Sloan Museum

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