You are invited to 'Smoke on the Water' this summer in Michigan. Talk about being woke, the Muskegon City Commission has approved the city's first ever pot party. The event will be hosted by Park Place Provisionary - a dispensary in Muskegon.

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There is just one catch, now the event has to be approved by the state of Michigan. I wonder if the powers that be will be as woke as the Muskegon City Commission? Here is to hoping they are.

If you are thinking positive and want to start planning to attend, the date has already been set. 'Smoke on the Water' is scheduled for Saturday, July 24th, from noon until 8:00 PM. The event will be set up near the Muskegon River in parking lots at the provisioning center on Park Street. I have no idea what that means or where it is exactly, but if you want to go - I am quite sure you will figure it out.

If 'Smoke on the Water' does get the go ahead from the state, it will feature food trucks, live music, games, and duh -plenty of people smoking pot. Does that sound like something you would be interested in?

My advice if you do want to go, is book your hotel or Airbnb now. I have a feeling rooms are going to go fast. Worst case scenario you have to cancel, or even better still go and enjoy Muskegon. You know it has to be a cool place when an event like this gets approved.

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