Snowfest 2021 will look a little different in Frankenmuth.

Snowfest in Frankenmuth is normally a huge deal to many people in the mid-Michigan area each year. Unfortunately, the event organizers are planning for a small event for 2021 due to COVID concerns. Snowfest 2021 is planned currently for Friday, January 29th through Sunday, January 31st.

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The festival usually brings in around 100,000 visitors to the Frankenmuth area, but this year organizers are trying to keep that number down.

Although Snowfest will be different this year, visitors may still enjoy a limited number of larger-than-life snow sculptures and beautifully detailed ice carvings...Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this year’s event will not include entertainment, Warming Tent, or fireworks but we encourage guests to view the snow and ice sculptures throughout downtown announced on

This will definitely give guests a whole different experience. Previous years featured well over 200 sculptures made from ice and snow, contests and competitions, and other community events. Without the live entertainment, warming tent, and fireworks, guests will need to plan differently when visiting this time around.

Even though some of those items are gone this year, it is still a great chance to get the family out of the house and get some exercise while taking in the snow sculptures and ice carvings.

Don't forget that Zehnder's is also doing the cooking this year for you with their Christmas Eve takeout dinners and they even have plans for a New Year's Eve Celebration at Splash Village, which includes dinner and fireworks.

Source: Zehnder's 


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