First off I should preface, I am not a man. Contrary to what Tony LaBrie and Chris Monroe say - I am a female (that can drink most men under the table). That being said, I don't have to be a man (and either do you) to have an opinion about a new commercial and or short film from Gillette.

Watch the above spot and tell me what you think? Do you think this ad is 'anti-men'? Some people do. Do you think this speaks 'pro-humanity'? Some people do. Do you think all of this is overboard for a razor company? I am guessing a lot of people do.

Whatever your thoughts are, you are entitled to them. Having different opinions opens up the opportunity for discussions and listening to another point of view. Wait, who am I kidding - this is just another thing people will argue about.

Use Gillette products or don't. This is not my battle. However, if Patron puts out an ad that stirs up debate about tequila, then I will be your huckleberry.



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