Being a big fan of virtual reality games, this particular mod made my day.

For Christmas, my daughter really wanted a virtual reality setup, so come Christmas morning, we were playing VR like crazy. We have a lot of games so far. I am a big fan of AstroBot and Space Pirate Trainer. She loves Job Simulator. While discussing games that we could get in the future Beat Saber was one of the games we were considering. Having seen this, it will definitely be the next purchase.

Yes, I am that guy that will buy a game for something small within the game. Hell, I bought a PlayStation 4 just so I could play Spider-Man (and yes, it was 100% worth it.) Thankfully, that lead us to the ability to buy a solid VR system through PlayStation. To have access to this game and this song and to not purchase or play it would be a sin. I can't wait to give it a shot.

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