Virtual reality has come a long way in the last few years and if you are not careful, it can hurt you.

My little human and I are huge fans of virtual reality games. Over the holiday season, we ended up grabbing a PlayStation 4 Virtual Reality setup and it is a blast. However, sometimes things get a little too real. Both she and I have bumped into something at least a couple times and I've nearly fallen too. It is so easy to get in the mindset that you have room to move because that is all you see.

Even though it is an immersive experience, I have never felt the urge to run away like this girl. Not only does she freak out when she drops the grenade, she decided to make a real run for it. In her attempted to run away from the grenade, she runs right into the business end of the fireplace.

Source: ricardogonhin via YouTube


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