No room for stereotypes here about how slow grandpa and grandma drive, or at least not with this grandma. She was busted four times for speeding in less than three hours, oh and ummm, she had some weed on her too (You know, for her glaucoma).

Lorretta Lacy, 49, of Sioux Falls, South Dakota was first clocked in her Chrysler sedan going 112 mph in an effort to make it to her granddaughters dance recital in Racine, Wisconsin. She was cited for speeding, no proof of insurance and a small amount of weed was found on her as well, but was confiscated by the police. Lacy was then pulled over again 20 miles down the road, clocked this time, at 99 mph. She was again cited for speeding and no proof insurance. Her third citation came about an hour later for going 88 mph in a 70 (Insert Back To The Future joke here). The last of her four tickets came just outside of Rochester, Minnesota where she was again clocked at 88 mph.

According to the police, Lacy, who recently relocated from Alabama to South Dakota faces more than $500 in fines. However, that total could swell significantly because of her triple-digit mph violation, speeding more than 20 mph over the posted limit, and no proof of insurance. As for her granddaughters dance recital she was trying so desperately to get to on time, the question still remains, did she make it? According to Lacy’s daughter Carrie Freeman, "She got pulled over four times, so, no." (Blahhh, what a waste)