Hackers leaked a video where Steubenville, Ohio high school students admit to, and laugh about raping and urinating a drugged 16-year old girl who was passed out.

The case is a complicated one, but not that complicated. A girl was drugged, raped repeatedly and urinated on by several young men. Although two arrests have been made in the case, it appears that there are a lot more involved who are getting off the hook. Many believe that there are other high school football players involved that are being let off of the hook because of their affiliation with the program.

It would appear that a group of hackers took it upon themselves to move the case forward, as they pushed a leaked cell phone video to YouTube (see below), which shows SHS students laughing about the rape and even jokingly comparing it to the rape scene from 'Pulp Fiction.'

Huffington Post has the lengthy (and somewhat confusing) full story.

WARNING: This Video Is Not Safe For Work