Steven Tyler made an appearance at a recent Backstreet Boys concert in Las Vegas. Not only did he surprise the audience, he totally shocked his girlfriend who was also on stage with the band. Say what? I will explain.

Apparently the Backstreet Boys surprise a fan at each show by pulling them up on stage and giving he or she a roses. Steven's girlfriend Amie was the fan picked to go on stage that night. I am guessing it was planned. What do you think?

Nonetheless, Steven Tyler than walked on stage with a rose of his own to present to his girl, along with a big long kiss (like this). Oh to be rock royalty. I can't put you on stage with Steven Tyler and the rest of Aerosmith, but you can win a trip to Las Vegas to see the band on July, 4th. How cool is that? Talk about a trip of a lifetime, you can enter to win here.

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