This may be unpopular to some, but Christmas doesn't start until after Thanksgiving.

Alright, you "too soon Santas" and "holly jolly jackoffs," this one is for you. Would it kill you to just enjoy one holiday at a time? This drives me crazy every year and for some reason, it annoys me, even more, this year. In my humble opinion, the Christmas season does not begin until we've had the chance to complain about eating too much turkey on Thanksgiving.

This year has already flown by and we need to slow down to enjoy it more. I would rather talk politics with the crazy, know-it-all, holier-than-thou, scholars on Facebook than celebrate a holiday before the one before it is over. Hell, I started to see Christmas decorations and items this year before Halloween was even over. Why can't we just give each holiday the deserved time and respect?

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I've kept this unnecessary and somewhat dumb rage to myself this year, until now. Two things happened in the last 24 hours that have sent me over the edge. The first was a company-wide email asking all employees to bring in an ornament for the Christmas Tree at work. They can have my ornament when they pry it from my stuffing-eating, turkey-comatose hands, but not before.

Pro Church Media via Unsplash
Pro Church Media via Unsplash

The second thing that really solidified my insanity happened when I arrived at work today. Upon walking to my office I saw that Christmas had vomited all over the lobby, hallway, and cubicles. Even the pictures on the wall were gift-wrapped. It's Thanksgiving week, why do we have to jump the gun? I contemplated taking a page from Milton's playbook earlier today.


Upon spouting my nonsensical and borderline sociopathic hatred for premature decorating, a co-worker asked me what was so special about Thanksgiving? She stated that it was "a boring holiday." Immediately I began rifling off a lot of reasons to the Karen of Thanksgiving of why the upcoming holiday is great. Plenty of food, drinks, naps, football, tool sales, a four-day weekend, and more. (Full discloser, the aforementioned "Karen" is actually a super nice, great co-worker and will probably stab me if she reads this, but if there is one thing I have learned in the last two years, it is to stand up for what you believe in!) We agreed to disagree.


Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas. My kid and I have plans to put up our Christmas tree on Friday. The bottom line though, we live in a society, and societies have rules. One of them should be waiting until the appropriate season to celebrate...except St. Patrick's Day. We should celebrate that more often. End rant.

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