The smell of weed has become more and more common in Michigan, ever since the state passed laws allowing the use of medical marijuana. A house in Ypsilanti Township reeks like the chron so bad that local officials have gotten involved trying to snuff out the stank.

Michigan Medical Marijuana

Opening up a fresh bag of medical hits you in the face with the smell, so I can only imagine what growing a houseful of the stuff would smell like.  That's the problem in Ypsilanti Township, as residents have been complaining of an overbearing odor of marijuana, coming from a single home, belonging to Micheal Engle.  Citizens have been complaining of the smell for a year and they claim the odor is at it's worst from 10 am to 6 pm.

The smell of marijuana isn't in violation of Michigan laws, but violate city ordinances about odors.  Officials are unsure of how much marijuana is growing in the house, or what the man is doing with the plants.  A Washentaw County Judge will be presented with the case soon.


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