'Summer Camp,' a game that looks like a 'Friday the 13th' film and is being developed with a lot of folks from the 'Friday the 13th' films, has finally revealed that it's actually the new 'Friday the 13th' video game.

I'm really glad that I was right about this. Everyone knew there was a new Friday game around the corner, yet nobody knew anything about it. Meanwhile, you have this other game that looks like a knockoff Jason game with a ton of crucial 'Friday the 13th' players involved like 4-time man-behind-the-mask Kane Hodder and horror effects wiz Tom Savini. Neither of those things were what blew their cover with me though.

The biggest tell in the previous trailers was the music. You have the composer of the classic 'Friday the 13th' score, Harry Manfredini, adding music to this game that sounds exactly like that. All of these guys love Jason too much to make a knockoff. As soon as I heard there was a big announcement coming today -- I knew this was it.

The reveal trailer doesn't have a date, but Bloody Disgusting is pointing to a fall 2016 release. Whether it's good or meh, this trailer is proof it has already surpassed the 1987 NES game. I'm not sure which era of Jason's story this game will encompass, but the trailer shows him in his part 7 attire and one of the screenshots shows him in his part 3 getup. His mom narrates the trailer, so maybe we'll get to play through all of the films? That would be badass... if they took out parts 'Jason Goes to Hell' and 'Jason X.' Eff those movies.

Previous reports indicate that you'll not only be able to take down Jason, but that you'll also be able to play as him. On the Kickstarter page, former 'X-Play' host Adam Sessler describes it as an "asymmetric multiplayer game where one person plays Jason and everyone else plays counselors trying to make it through the night." I hope there's a single player campaign too, but either way -- I can't wait for this!

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