Ok, so it's Tuesday, and I'm just now doing a Super Bowl review.  But I was kind of hung over yesterday, and there was a bunch of stuff going on at the studio, so I put it off.  But today is a new day, and I'm ready to tell you what I thought about Super Bowl XLV. 

Like it or not, the Super Bowl is an American holiday.  And I love it.  I watch the Super Bowl every year, and I was not dissappointed with this year's Super Bowl.  If I had to give it a letter grade, it'd be a B- and I'll give you the reasons why.

  • The Football Game- A- This year's game was awesome.  I loathe the Steelers, but I'm glad they didn't get blown out.  It was exciting to watch a championship game come down to the final drive.  I've considered Aaron Rodgers a top quarterback for a while, but I doubted he could get it done in the playoffs.  He proved me wrong and did it by winning.  The Packers had to win out to get into the playoffs, and they continued to do so.  Even though Charles Woodson got hurt, he still got his ring, which was awesome to see.  I think Clay Matthews was screwed over for Defensive Player of the Year, but he got the last laugh on Troy Polamalu.  I'm not trying to sound like I'm this huge Packers fan, but it was good to see them bring the trophy back home.
  • Super Bowl Commercials- B It seemed like I let out a good lol every break, so that was a good thing.    I think Doritos walks away the big winner, with the finger licking and the magic Doritos dust.  The VW kid was pretty funny, and I liked Cram It In The Boot for those midget cars.  The Eminem thing is way over hyped.  On facebook, everyone I'm friends with from Michigan has posted the Chrysler commercial.  Nobody else has mentioned it.  It was cool, the Chrysler 200 looked alright, but I don't think it's going to change crime rates and unemployment in MI.  Also, hasn't the Lose Yourself beat lost the magic?
  • Super Bowl Entertainment- F- I don't want to give the NFL an F- in anything.  I love the NFL.  But they royally screwed this aspect of the Super Bowl up.  Not only was it bad choice of having the Black Eyed Peas as the halftime act, they were awful live.  Way to prove that you're a studio made talentless bag of douche.  They should have just played the songs off of the CD and had Fergie dance around and turned the lights on and off a bunch, because that would have been a huge improvement.  And that's not me trying to say Fergie looked all that hot, cuz she just looked alright.  Christina Aguilera did not look alright.  She looked like somebody took a dump and bleached it's hair blond.  It's hard to believe I used to pound out to her music videos on mute, and now she looks like a nightmare.  I am glad I wasn't in a muted self love session though, because I would have missed her messing up the words to the National Anthem.  You've been singing this song since you were jail bait Christina.  Give up the classy look and get back to making slut music.  You were much more popular back then.  I know the NFL isn't going to  have Five Finger perform, but next year, can we try to get back to rock?

Honestly, the NFL is awesome.  They make mistakes, but for the most part, they do things the right way.  Look at the 400 fans that didn't have seats.  They walk away huge winners.  But hopefully they can learn from their mistakes this year and actually have somebody with musical talent in the future.  But I don't watch the Super Bowl for a concert, I watch it for a great football game, and they delivered on that.

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