Meth Found In Halloween Candy [VIDEO]
Why do we tell kids not to take candy from strangers, yet send them out trick-or-treating on Halloween night? It makes zero sense to me. I would hope if you are a parent, that you inspect your child's and or children's candy before they are allowed to eat it. If you normally don'…
Jailed MI Man Asking for It
You can't make this stuff up. Unfortunately, people can make meth. A Gladwin, Michigan man was recently busted for just that. I am not sure if he charged for the drug, but according to the t-shirt he is wearing in his mugshot, sex with him is priceless. Ugh.
Meth Use On The Rise In Genesee County [VIDEO]
So far this year, FANG (Flint Area Narcotics Group) has busted 35 meth labs. According to ABC 12, that is triple the amount from just two years ago. Not cool. The people cooking this garbage might not care about their lives, but they are putting innocent people at risk when making meth indoors or wh…

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