Just when you thought you have heard it all. During a recent drug bust at a home in Alabama, along with meth, police found a drugged addicted squirrel. WTF?

Reports indicate prior to the raid, authorities were aware of the squirrel. Mickey Paulk, 35, kept the animal as an attack squirrel. Allegedly he kept the animal high on meth to keep it aggressive. That poor squirrel. Police are still looking for another man involved, 37-year-old Ronnie Reynolds. Both Reynolds and Paulk are facing several drug charges.

The squirrel was inside of a cage when officers raided the residence. According to reports, he has since been released. It was not indicated as to where the squirrel was set free. I hope it was to a vet, but it does not sound like it. Would they release an alleged drug addicted squirrel into the wild?

Like I said, just when you think you have heard it all.

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