Northern Michigan's Gabe Awrey took a photo of his friend's engine, not because he had something bad ass to show off but because it was packed with over 50 pounds of pines cones.

According to WDIV, the friend was keeping the car in storage for the winter but had no idea that a squirrel also had storage plans for the vehicle. That little sucker stuffed so many pine cones under the hood you could barely even see the engine anymore. The owner said the real problem came after the engine heated up and the pine cones expanded.

The car ended up working just fine after they cleared out all the pine cones. Before clearing them out Awrey snapped the photo you see above. The proof is in the photo that's for sure. I'm sure the owner was pissed at first but had to admit, it was pretty damn funny too.

Gabe posted this under his Facebook photo of the car:

"Remember to check your engine bays this time of year! The squirrels are sneaky. This was my friend's car today!"


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