I think we are all feeling a little nutty lately. Trust me, I have caught myself looking out the window, watching birds and squirrels in my yard. Did I think about building them a 'bird bar' or 'squirrel restaurant'? Nope - but one Michigan man did.

James Vreeland of Oak Park is the owner and operator of Maison De Noix - a restaurant for squirrels. Yes, you read that right. The fancy restaurant name is French for 'nuthouse'. I love it! I shoud call my house that too.

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According to FOX 2, James wanted to do something fun and different during the pandemic. I would say he accomplished that and more. People all over the world, including Hong Kong, have watched squirrels and birds feeding at the 'restaurant' via Facebook.

I don't know about you, but my time in quarantine has not resulted in anything as creative as this. So far I have colored a picture of Jimmy Buttcrack from The Machine Shop, polished off a lot of booze, dressed up like that bitch Carole Baskin (see below), and I recently started talking to a Cabbage Patch Kid named Roscoe. Yep, my house is now officially known as Maison De Noix II.

MM Photo
MM Photo

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