On Christmas Eve, Canadian Authorities seized nearly 450 pounds of methamphetamine on the Ambassador Bridge.

Just a few weeks ago, the Canada Border Services Agency made the largest drug bust on record in the past seven years. The agency stopped and seized $25 million worth of meth that a 36-year-old man was trying to smuggle across the border.

The 36-year-old resident from Ontario was stopped by authorities when driving his truck on the Ambassador Bridge while returning from Detroit. The agents at the border sent his truck to get a secondary examination. It was then that the border agents found nine containers filled with meth. Inside the containers, they found over 400 pounds of the drug worth around $25 million.

The driver of the truck, Mohamed Ahmed Abdirahman, was arrested by border services and Royal Canadian Mounted Police and is being charged with importing a controlled substance and possession for the purpose of trafficking a controlled substance. The case is still being investigated by Canadian Authorities.

Source: ABC 12

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