Best Dad Ever Sends His Son’s Favorite Toy Into Space [VIDEO]
When you're a little kid, you think your dad can do pretty much anything. Even in my wildest imagination, I never thought my dad could actually send one of my toys into outer space, but that's exactly what this dad did. Check out the video of Stanley the toy train and his trip to space.
Teen Calls Cops Over Mom’s Loud Sex
A 15 year old Florida girl was not having it when she heard her mother having sex.  Instead of putting on head phones, throwing up or just running out of the house screaming, she called 9-1-1-.  Man I hope they release the recording of that phone call!
Let’s Talk About Sex 1960’s Style [VIDEO] NSFW
My parents never gave me the sex talk, they just ordered Cinamax when I was a kid.  Everything turned out pretty well with me, so I have to assume that's the way to do it.  But if you want to talk about sex with your kids, check out what these doctors and experts from the 60's ha…
Man Arrested for Coaching Teen Son in Street Fight [NSFW Video]
Phillip Struthers of Tampa, FL, was arrested after a video of the 41-year-old aggressively coaching his 16-year-old son in a street fight surfaced on the Internet.
Struthers's son was fighting another teenager over a girl, and a crowd had gathered to watch the brawl.
However, no spectator was as enthu…