A 15 year old Florida girl was not having it when she heard her mother having sex.  Instead of putting on head phones, throwing up or just running out of the house screaming, she called 9-1-1-.  Man I hope they release the recording of that phone call!

According to The Smoking Gun, the teen told authorities she had felt disrespected. The unidentified mother said she had invited her boyfriend over and quote:

"Sometime during the visit, her daughter heard them having sex and became upset. Their bedrooms are next to each other and she didn’t intend to wake her daughter up.”

The girl was apparently so upset she wanted to go to a shelter.  Everyone must of calmed down and got dressed because the young girl agreed to stay in the home. Good thing she did not actually see her mom in the act, she would of had to claw her own eyes out!

Parents and sex are definitely things that do not go together.  However was calling the cops out of line or do you agree with the teen?

If you are a parent, keep this story in mind and make sure you give ear plugs to your kids.

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