A majority of area schools were closed today due to the weather and/or road conditions. This creates a problem for many working parents - who is going to watch your kids? In a perfect world one parent could stay home, but what if you are a single parent? What if your employer gives zero effs that you don't have a sitter for your kid(s)? Not everyone can call in for the day, and if you can without repercussions - consider yourself lucky.

I don't have kids, but I work with plenty of people that do. Fortunately for them, our company is fine with kids coming into the office, and also totally understanding if an employee has to stay home with their kids. Again, not the case for everyone.

Not every family has a grandparent, or other relatives to help out. If you don't have kids that are old enough to stay home alone, or an older sibling to care for them - more often than not, you are screwed. If you do have to send them to a daycare, you are going to be charged a fee.

This leads me back to my original question - what do you do with your kids when school is called off? Is it a hassle for you?

It's the first snow day, and it's only November. All of you working parents better get a plan together. Between cold temps and snow - I see a lot of school closings in your future.

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