Having Jigsaw As A Coworker Sucks [VIDEO]
Jigsaw is back and this time he is working in your office. Sometimes I feel this is just like working with Maggie. There is always some little game or prank that she is playing on you and sometimes you just want to strangle here. Trust me, I've been the victim of her games for eight years now.
Killer Clown Pranks Are Back And Better Than Ever [VIDEO]
Even though these guys do a great job with these pranks, they are kind of aholes. You would think that at this point, everyone would have seen their videos and stop being scared. In this installment, they take over a gas station and a cop car. The first girl in the gas station has a set of pipes, th…
NYC Used Condom Prank [VIDEO]
Someone in New York City placed what appears to be used condoms around the city. In the video below it looks like it is soap being put into the condoms, let's hope that is true. If not, this is one prank I am not down with.
Cheating Prank Turns Into Suicide Prank [VIDEO]
I swear one of these times someone is seriously going to get hurt pulling off one of these pranks. This prankster though he was pulling a fast one on his girlfriend by telling her that he cheated on her but little did he know she had a prank of her own and she pulled it off flawlessly.
Top 10 Pranks Gone Horribly Wrong [VIDEO]
Now that's karma for you.  The internet is full of prank videos.  Some are good some are bad.  This video shows you exactly what these guys get for trying to pull these pranks off.  Bravo to all the people that knocked the pranksters out.

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