In case you did not know Easter is this Sunday, which is also April Fools Day. Not sure if the two go hand in hand - but that is just how the calendar worked out this year. If your family is fun, you may want to try some of these Easter themed pranks. If your family is NOT fun, you definitely should try these pranks.

The cool thing about these pranks is they are not vicious. No one should be seriously hurt by any of the gags in the video. Well, I guess someone could potentially choke on a grape, but highly doubtful. The pranks in the video are probably fun for kids to try. Get grandma with the old Easter egg red dye in the toilet trick - am I right? There is a really awesome prank that includes Peeps, but it is time-consuming. That being said, start planning your pranks now after you watch the video below. If these pranks are too pu**y for you, let me know what you have in mind. Happy Easter and try not to hurt anyone.

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