Model Eats Five Subway Footlongs In Food Challenge [VIDEO]
Proof models do eat! Well, this one does. Watch as Nella Zisser a self proclaimed model and former Miss Earth New Zealand, devours five Subway footlong sandwiches in one standing! This girl doesn't even appear to get full! FYI her subs of choice were ham, turkey, veggie and two chicken teriyaki…
Dumb Cop + wrongful Arrest
This is just dumb. This performer is minding his own business and the cop decides to arrest him. Not only was the cop wrong, he actually read the laws to the performer proving he was ok to play there. Good job moron!
Brutal Fight On Subway – Friday Night Fights
It's fight night once again and this one is a good one. Even though it is being recorded from the outside of the train, you can still see the brutal beating. I have no idea how or why it happened, but this dude got beaten by those two.

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