As a new transfer to this beautiful state people LOVE to send me all the facts they randomly find about Michigan. The crime rate, the average snowfall (60 inches in Kalamazoo??), the depth of Lake Michigan and so on. Today, it's all about the best cities in Michigan.

Now, the list includes the top ten best cities based on crime rate, job opportunities and so on. I'm going to cut that down to the top 5.

5. Berkley

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The reasoning for making the list? Apparently, everyone in Berkley is always in a good mood. That could be because the housing market is great and everyone there seems to be living comfortably. That would put me in good mood too!

4. Beverly Hills

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A suburb of Detroit, Beverly Hills Michigan boasts a low crime rate, low unemployment rate and low commute times even if you don't live in the village.

3. Birmingham 

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Birmingham lands third on this list thanks to its schools, low population and short distance to the surrounding larger cities. And according to the locals it's the most beautiful area in the state.

2. Huntington Woods

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Honestly, I'm surprised this even counts as a "city". When viewed on google maps it looks more like a large neighborhood. But, their crime rate is low and salaries are high which means people there are retiring early. That does sound pretty nice...

1. East Grand Rapids

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East Grand Rapids tops this list due to high average household earnings, plenty of things to do for their residents, low crime and friendly people.

Did your city make the list? You can see the rest of the ten here.

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