Sadly, we're nearing the end of s'mores season for 2019. There are likely only a handful of times you'll be sitting by the campfire with a hankering for s'mores left... maybe no times if these stupid deadly mosquitoes invading Michigan have their way. Regardless, there's no better time to get to the bottom of the greatest debate I never knew existed until this summer -- how to make a proper s'more.

I was enjoying a campfire with some friends this summer (with whom I've enjoyed campfires and s'mores at least 3 dozen times over the years), when there was a disagreement over just how many chocolate sections of the Hershey Bar were supposed to go on the graham cracker. One party inquired why the other was skimping on the chocolate, to which the other party replied that they didn't. This lead to a larger group discussion that made me realize I didn't know these crazy people at all.

Obviously I'm exaggerating, but nonetheless, we were on different sides of the debate. I brought this question up at a few subsequent bonfires and realized that there are a lot of takes on the issue. I never realized there was even a debate.

So before we go any further, I need to know where you stand. Please vote for which configuration you use when making a s'more in the poll below.

I also didn't realize until today that I never knew what to call the little chocolate sections of a Hershey Bar. Apparently, they're referred to as "pips," which seems odd, but it's quicker than what I was saying so I'll be using that term moving forward. Heads up.

Regardless of what you say or how you voted, I'm just going to straight-up tell you the answer is six pips. Half a Hershey's Bar per s'mores is what makes the most sense to me and it's how I've always done it. It fits the graham cracker too perfectly to not be right and I'll never be convinced otherwise.

Despite my certainty, I was quite surprised to learn I was the only one of the aforementioned group who knew this to be fact. They had all been using either 2 or 3 pips per s'more. I can't remember which because both methods are wrong. My wife said "that's too much chocolate," to which I replied, "Too much chocolate? Yeah, we're divorced now." We never spoke again. Sometimes I wonder how she's doing and what our children look like now...

Obviously, I'm exaggerating again (we're still happily married), but there's no such thing as too much chocolate. I know you're thinking that there is no official answer and you can do whatever you want. Well, you are entitled to your opinion, but just know that you're wrong if you're not using half a Hershey Bar per s'more.

Here is an excerpt of the official recipe from Hershey themselves:

Break graham crackers in half. Break chocolate bar in half; center one section on each of 2 graham cracker halves. Top each with marshmallow... Top each with another graham cracker half.

There you have it. So next time you're making a s'more -- you know what to do. Treat yo' self, don't cheat yo' self.

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