Holy Hell has Flint got some fugly tats! We've opened the flood gates by asking for pics of Flint's Worst Tattoo and we had no idea just how many disasterpieces were out there. Get a look at the second wave of candidates here!

  • These are not all of the entries we've received. We are posting them in waves, so if you don't see your entry here it may be in the first wave or the next.

Here are the details of the contest again for those who wish to enter:

Erase the Ink M.D. along with New Generation Tattoo Studio and Banana 101.5 are going to help clean up some of that stinky ink. The winner will be decided by voting (across a number of platforms) after the submission period ends on April 14th at 8a. Now before you take a picture of your awful ink and send it to us, read the following tips:

  • Take a good, clear picture — last time we did this we had a bunch of blurry, low quality pictures. All of those people lost.
  • Don’t try to play us for fools — you will have to come in to the station and prove that you really have the tattoo in the picture you submit. Don’t waste your time or ours.
  • Voting doesn’t start until April 14th (hopefully around 12p). Please don’t email us and tell us that you can’t find where to vote before then.

That’s it really. The winner will score the following:

  • $1000 Gift Certificate to Erase the Ink M.D. (Laser Tattoo Removal)
  • $200 Gift Certificate to New Generation Tattoo Studio
  • PlayStation 4

Submit your picture using the form below and good luck!

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