Free Beer and Hot Wings came across an article from World Wide Interweb that had photos of candy with unbelievably bad names.  A lot of the candy on the list is from overseas, so it is understandable when a word is lost in translation.  However, some of the candy names are just blatantly weird.  Take the case of "Camel Balls," they are actually shaped like and marketed to be camel balls.  There is no denying it, there is a camel with large balls directly on the packaging.  Sometimes people put the weirdest things in their mouths...

See what Free Beer, Hot Wings, Zane, and Producer Joe had to say about these horribly named candies below.

Man I sure could use a Fart right now... This is some good Fart... Man, you know it's been in my pocket too long, this is a creamy Fart... Oh Man, I dropped it in a pool, this is a wet Fart. - Zane