The internet porn hotspot Pornhub is well-known for giving "wood." In celebration of Arbor Day (which already happened on April 25th), they want to give you wood... literally.

Pornhub is a place on the internet where you can go watch porn clips for free. In what's probably an attempt to increase the average amount of time spent on the website, which we're guessing is normally somewhere between 45 seconds and 2 minutes, Pornhub is promising to plant a tree for every 100 videos viewed in its "Big D---" category. Not exactly a go-to category for dudes, but it's still a nice gesture by the website.

The campaign, brilliantly titled "Pornhub Gives America Wood," kicked off in recognition of Arbor Day and will run through the end of this week. At the time this article was written, the campaign had already racked up enough views for the site to plant over 15,000 trees. As a dude named "Tree" who already appreciates the regular service they provide to the public, I give this entire program the coveted "Tree Seal of Approval."

You can check out the totally safe-for-work landing page (if one of your pervy co-workers hasn't already got the url blocked on your network) by clicking here.