There is a list for everything. Proof of that is a timely list of the 55 Best Christmas Towns in the United States. I was not surprised to see one particular Michigan city on the list, but I was surprised to see two.

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If you are a Michigan resident, chances are you have guessed at least one of the cities that made the list. This city is home to the world's largest Christmas store Bronner's Christmas Wonderland. Coming in at #38 on the list is Frankenmuth, Michigan.

Am I the only one somewhat shocked that Frankenmuth is not number one on the list? I have never been to Stockbridge, Massachusetts, but from all accounts, the place is Christmas AF - Stockbridge took the number one spot on the list of 55 Best Christmas Towns in the United States.

So what other Michigan city made the list? Ann Arbor. The home to the University of Michigan is getting mad props for its Christmas spirit. The popular city comes in at  #14. You read that right - Ann Arbor beat out Frankenmuth on this Christmas city and or town-themed list.

So what does make Ann Arbor so special during the holiday season? According to County Living, a lot. Ann Arbor hosts countless holiday events that include lantern parades, s'mores roasting, outdoor markets, and the annual 'Sing Along with Santa' event.

To see the entire 55 Best Christmas Towns in the United States list, click here.

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