Here are a bunch of people going nuts over the Vikings surprise win in yesterday's game, and one suicidal Steelers fan.

As Detroit Lions fans, most Michiganders are more than familiar with the feeling of defeat. We're also well-acquainted with the team losing due to some boneheaded move in the 4th quarter or questionable last-minute officiating. I quit watching those bums years ago, but based on my Facebook feed those two things happen somewhere between 5 and 16 times a season.

What I'm getting at is that we're used to this sort of thing, but, clearly, some fans are not. Like really, really not used to it. To be fair, the New Orleans Saints' losing due to a missed tackle on the final play was quite the shocker. Pittsburgh's defeat, though less shocking, still clearly hit one fan pretty hard. We threw that one in here too.


There were also those who were happy about the Vikings' surprise win.


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