It's absolutely insane how expensive eggs are throughout the state of Michigan (and everywhere else) right now. Well, we think we finally know the answer as to why.

Have you been to a grocery store in Michigan lately? Everything is over the top expensive, especially eggs. Egg prices have gone up nearly 50% in the past year and right now they're at an all-time high.

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People on social media went from making jokes about the price of gas to now the price of eggs. It's pretty much what everyone is talking about.

You have to admit, that is funny as hell.

The reason we're paying so much for eggs has nothing to do with politics or any other goofy conspiracy theories that I see floating around.

Why Are Eggs so Expensive?

Simply put, a deadly bird flu is to blame.

According to MLive, a record outbreak of a highly contagious avian flu ripped across the globe last year with major egg producers in the United States losing millions of birds. Infected flocks were “depopulated” to contain the spread of the virus.

Roughly 58 million birds died across the country. That includes more than 40 million egg-laying hens.

David Ortega, a Michigan State University food economist says, "It’s the supply shock that’s leading to these increased prices."

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The other day I paid over $15 for two cartons of jumbo eggs. It's insane but I had to cough up the cash because eggs are a major part of my diet.

It's unclear at the moment how long we'll be paying these higher prices.

I never thought the day would come when I'd be writing about the price of eggs...but here we are.

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