Time is running to nominate a family in need for The Holiday Break-In with The Free Beer and Hot Wings Show.

If you know a family that is truly struggling this holiday season and would love nothing more than to surprise them with a Christmas they'll never forget, you've come to the right place.

To nominate a family, you first need to tell us their story. Give us as much information as about them as possible (the more info, the better). Why are they struggling? What do they need? How many kids? How old are the kids? Do they need food, clothes, decorations, furniture, toys, etc?

We will then go through those nominations and select what we believe to be the deserving recipients. Our goal has always been to select the families that we can help the most. If we select the family that you nominated, you will then become our "accomplice" and will help us with The Holiday Break-In.

We normally do this in secrecy and figure out a way to get them out of the house so that we can sneak in while they're' gone. However, this year might be a different scenario because of the pandemic. We'll worry about that part, you just get us their story.

Big thanks to LiquidBidding.com, Jobes Technology Solutions, Electric Chair Tattoo, JD's Gardening Supply, H&S Meat Market and Deer Processing of Lapeer, and Shea Automotive for making all of this possible.

Monday, December 7th is the deadline to nominate a family.

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