Every year we're so lucky to be able to help out families that are struggling during the holidays with 'The Free Beer and Hot Wings Holiday Break-in. This year's family was not only struggling but completely heartbroken, to say the least.

This morning while telling this family's story, I was fighting back tears the whole time. Their tragedy is absolutely heartbreaking but I hope we were able to bring just a little cheer to their holiday at least even for just a few minutes.

After we did the 'Break-in' this morning, we got word that it was the father's birthday today. So again, I broke into tears lol.

Thank you so much to everyone that helped make this possible including Genesee County Walmarts, Gander Outdoors, Tri-County Roofing, Applebees, everyone that helped wrap presents and to those that help with the actual break-in.

Merry Christmas!