A family has been chosen for 'The Free Beer and Hot Wings Holiday Break-In' which will take place this Friday morning around 8:30 am.

We read story after heartbreaking story that was submitted to our website in hopes of helping a local family in need this holiday season. Like always, it was extremely difficult but we have a family and this Friday we're going to break into their home to deliver a very unexpected Christmas.

Friday morning, you'll hear the story and you'll understand immediately why we chose this struggling family. Of course, like always, we'll change the names of the family members, their ages and some of the details as to not give away exactly who the family is.

The family will not be home as we figured out a way to lure them out so we can surprise them with this Christmas awesomeness. When they come home, their living room will be filled with Christmas presents and items they're in need of in hopes of bringing a little cheer to their very dark holiday season.

Please tune into the Banana Friday morning to hear similar stories from around the country including our local story. I will warn you now, you will cry. I know when I read our story to Free Beer and Hot Wings, I'm going to lose it...it's so freaking sad.


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